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TNV is one of the bands to take stage in Woodgothic 2015 festival. We would like to share some info on this fine band.
After the last album / EP "Dirty & Sarcastic" and after 1 year without new recordings, THE NEGATIVE VISIONS and or TNV if you prefer as they are called by the public, launched a collection with singles of all ep official's band since 2011 for the second phase of TNV titled "wE WILL KEEP OUR PASSIONS" emphasizing the feeling of passion for music that can not stop.
Now in 2014 the TNV are working to launch new materials and even then were available for download two new singles "TURN ON LIGHT" and "RED SKIES" the latter being a critical objection to the communist state / socialist low in countries that have adopted form of government, perhaps a criticism of the Brazilian government also in this last election.

With the change of Andre TNV south of Mines where he currently resides, the TNV had to undergo many changes and this can still be implying the delay of new releases.
A large and great news for the year beginning in 2015 is that the TNV will perform live for the first time after almost 16-year career. At the invitation of Zaf and Karolina mining band Scarlet Obsessional to hit the grand Woodgothic Festival in southern Minas Gerais, more precisely in São Thomé das Letras, the TNV will be present at this festival on June 4, 2015 20:00 hrs and will have the a great opportunity to show the public and that not even know his industrial homogenicidade of percussion and drum machines programmed by Andre TNV and the feeling eighties in the compositions in his melodies, which led them to be recognized by the São Paulo underground scene.
The TNV is now with the recent formation with Andre TNV on vocals, guitars and programming and the newest member of the band from the city of Varginha, southern Minas Gerais - Rodrigo on low.
As TNV never had a fixed formation, Andre TNV invited none other than HANSEN electronic band Santos HARRY on rhythm guitars and Douglas Jen of São Paulo metal band SUPREME to take on the other soils guitars.
However, the band is complete for this great performance at the festival in 2015 and Andre TNV promises a great performance of the band as the case maybe the only and first presentation of the band on stage and the idea of many other presentations in the future of live TNV.
The set list of live TNV will bring big names IGGY POP covers like the single "bang bang" and SISTERS OF MERCY in "ribbons" and or perhaps "Lucretia".
The latest album / EP that TNV is working is the hitherto entitled "STILL ALIVE" also highlighting the active permanence of the band and some singles this EP will come already in the list of the show set on the day June 4, 2015.
So just wait for news soon of TNV
band with DOUGLAS JEN of the SUPREMA band special guest and HANSEN HARRY band special guest in 2015 and the long-awaited live performance in June.

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