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Woodgothic Festival occurs in São Thomé das Letras, Brasil, since 2008. The fifth edition will happen on June 4, 5 and 6 2015, and will have 14 bands and 10 Dj's, in 3 nights of event.
Woodgothic is a totally non-profitable and do-it-yourself event produced and organized by musicians: "we don't have financial help of any istitution, we do all by ourselves, we always have the support of the underground musicians, some of them come to play paying all their expenses, showing total support and helping the festival to happen"; the Festival is focused on nacional underground bands of post punk, deathrock, goth, darkwave, punk, synth, new wave, etc, although there are always 1 or 2 international bands / dj's. "We believe in the power of union".
The Woodgothic Festival has also a charitable aspect cause since the first edition we collected food from audience and distributed to Associação Viva Criança (works with children).
The first edition of Woodgothic counted with the total support of Juan Uviedo (He was a great and important person, he was an actor, professor, shaman, father of Associação Viva Criança, he lived with the jivaro indians and with other indians and brought from there almost all his knowledge and wisdom. He also lived with the writer Carlos Castañeda in Berkeley, US, and some say he is the Don Juan of Castañeda books.).
Woodgothic always happens in São Thomé das Letras, a touristic little town considered by many as a mystical and magical town.

Festival Woodgothic gather all these elements (the do-it-yourself, the willing of increment nacional underground bands, the beneficent aspect, the Juan Uviedo Inheritance and the mysticism of São Thomé das Letras and transform these in pure art and music.



  • Robert Enforsen (performing Elegant Machinery) - Sweden
  • Ghosts of Dawn - Germany
  • Scarlet Leaves
  • The Silent Party
  • Jardim Do Silêncio
  • Cadaver em Transe
  • Blue Butterfly
  • Gattopardo
  • Days are Nights
  • Signo XIII
  • Poemas de Maio
  • Gangue Morcego
  • T.N.V
  • Escarlatina Obsessiva


  • Ghoul Murphy - México
  • Zauber
  • Rodrigo Cyber
  • Fernao
  • Guidão
  • Klaus Batcave Reunion
  • Kell Kill
  • Daniel Denk
  • Fabio Ferrari
  • Special guest: Dj Rogerio Rancan

You can purchase tickets on the website:

If you live outside Brazil and want to come, please send an email and we will be happy to help and explain the deportment to buy tickets and arrive in São Thomé das Letras.

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